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Handsome Girls & Pretty Boys

HI there *wave frantically…

Welcome to this sub category of my blog! I bet you find the title quite strange and probably thinking: “Who call boys “pretty” and girls “handsome”?” Well, don’t jump up and down accusing me of insulting men just yet. Hear me out and you’ll understand why.

 The terms “pretty boy” and “handsome girls” are certainly interesting case study of the language evolution throughout the history.

*Imagining this conversation:

A thousand times yes for this pretty boy ❤

Me: I like him *looking at William Thatcher*. Pretty boy always has something intriguing about them.

My friend: Oh no you didn’t just call him “pretty”. It’s a nicer way to insult a guy.

Me: No no, I didn’t mean that…

My friend: Are you implying that he’s just all about his appearance and not his capabilities? How dare you

Me: Damn it girl, let me finish my sentence. What I was trying to say was a compliment for his personalities: galant, handsome and stuff. You know, in the same way the 15th people would use this word?

Well, Watch this video to know what I meant

I did think of “pretty boy” as a negative way to address a male person before. Why “pretty” but not other words is deemed as a disgrace to male? Well, as I wrote above, it shines light more on one’s look rather than their ability. “Masculine” guys do not have time to pamper themselves. Who got time to cut their hair, take care of their skin, dress well, and looking stylish? It’s a waste of time, they would say. And that’s not what “masculinity” is about so menly men are EXPECTED NOT to do so.

After knowing the original meaning, I perceive “pretty boy” more positively. I understand the language evolves alongside with time but it was meant as a compliment. So lovely. Now, a slang for homosexual men in England,well, at least according to the comment section. I was like “Wait, what?” *facepalm…

With that being said, the term “Just a pretty boy” implies the opposite. As I see it, the same connotation applies for “Blond girl” vs “Just a blond girl”. The former may only refer to one’s hair color but the latter is straight up a stereotype. She’s attractive but dumb, appearance-oriented but heartless, self-centered but talentless. The list of adjtectives can go on and on for both of the terms.

As for “handsome girls”, I really like the original meaning. If a guy looks for a way to praise a girl in the most concise way possible, I suggest “handsome”. She’s a handsome girl who is not only tall and attractive but also possess a striking presence. She’s so unforgettable that people will notice her absence from the party. She’s so great that she becomes a person to admire. Woahhh, is there any better way to compliment a girl?

I don’t know what other people think but I’m sure I love to hear such praise. Unlike “pretty boy”, “handsome girls” has not been used widely nowadays. It’s surprising to see that modern age feminism movement doesn’t bring the term back in the scene. I think it’s empowering and quite unique on its own. Like, girls use a term which is normally for men only? Doesn’t it ring a bell to how women back then fought to be “equal”: women started wearing heels, wigs, and trousers because men wore them IN THE FIRST PLACE? Handsome girls have both the beauty AND the brain AND the personalities. What’s not to love about her? Unless you think she sounds intimidating. But that’s a topic for another day ;).

I’m all for seeing “handsome girls” on the magazines and TV commercials and radio and songs. YES, MORE PLEASE :))) !


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